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Noah J Morris

Ever since I was a child I have had a love for music. Early on this led me to play in a concert band at 10 years of age. This love for music grew and has provided me with the privilege to play with several different orchestras and bands throughout mt educational journey. After years of playing music, I  realized that I wanted to make my living from music. I graduated with my Bachelor of Music in Electronic Production & Design, from Berklee College of Music in 2021. While at Berklee I was exposed to more than just music, I was exposed to the entire world of audio and everything in between. And so while I was there I was lucky enough to study: Jazz harmony, tonal harmony with counterpoint, proper arrangement, all types of different drumming styles, writing dynamic music for video games and other nonlinear projects, sound design for all forms of media ( including but not limited to; drum packs, loop packs, Podcasts, Audiobooks, Film, Video games, and VR, ) sound editing, how to write for advertisements, personalized jingles, DJing, mixing, mastering, and music/audio production and engineering. To this day I strive to learn more, as well as to provide and create high-quality audio in all forms.

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