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Aeon is a game in its alpha stage of development, having been unveiled at the prestigious Festival International des Joux - Cannes in February 2023. I played a pivotal role in the game's audio design, contributing 90% of the soundscape for the alpha version. This collaborative endeavor involved a dedicated team from the game's inception to its alpha stage.

To embark on this auditory adventure, simply copy and paste the following link into your web browser:

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"L'Autre" is a compelling short film crafted for the esteemed George Melies Kino Competition, a unique challenge demanding the completion of a film from concept to final product within a mere 48 hours. Premiering on December 1st, 2022, in Cannes La Bocca, France, "L'Autre" immediately resonated with audiences, claiming a resounding victory in the Public Vote category with a remarkable 51% of all votes cast. Additionally, the film garnered critical acclaim, securing second place in the Jury category with an impressive score of 23 out of 25 points.

Further recognition followed when a presentation focused on the film's soundscape was showcased on January 27th, 2023, for UNESCO Sound Week in Cannes La Bocca, France.

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Welcome to The Pluto Archives. We are an audio drama, here to entertain you with new weekly episodes of original dark and twisted short stories. We tap into the paranormal, the horrifying, and the darkest parts of the human soul.

Available on all podcasting platforms 

I seamlessly manage the entire podcast production process, from the genesis of ideas to the final upload on Buzzsprout, ensuring timely and efficient delivery. I meticulously review the script, suggesting edits and identifying ad-libs to capture during the recording session. During recording, I expertly direct the voice talent while engineering the audio, ensuring their comfort and optimal performance. I employ industry-standard recording practices to achieve the highest possible audio quality.

I personally handle the entire audio editing process, from inception to the final take. This includes removing any unwanted breaths and expertly mixing and mastering the audio file. I craft captivating soundscapes and incorporate sound effects to enhance the storytelling. Additionally, I compose and arrange original music to evoke emotions and add depth to the project, ensuring the voice audio remains prominent in the mix. Finally, I manage the exporting of the projects from the DAW to MP3 and Wav files.


I served as the executive producer of the album "Bubblegum," which garnered critical acclaim and commercial success. Renowned DJs crafted remixes of the record, propelling it to the top of the download charts. The project's exceptional performance led to a record deal for the artist with 418 Music in the same year. My comprehensive responsibilities encompassed ensuring artist satisfaction, maintaining the highest quality standards from inception to release, and composing both the instrumentals and rhythms. I spearheaded the project as the head producer, writer, arranger, and mixing engineer. The album was completed on schedule and within budget.

Bubblegum cover_edited.jpg


This project originated as a school assignment for one of my directed study courses. I was entrusted with the responsibilities of scriptwriting, voice-over artist selection, audio production, and crafting 60-second and 30-second commercial cuts, all while incorporating tag placement for additional marketing purposes at the beginning and end of the commercials. The tight deadline of one week demanded a focused and efficient approach.

Upon scrutinizing the script, I concluded that a female voice-over artist would best complement the narrative. With this insight in mind, I sought out and engaged a female voice-over artist whose English accent harmonized seamlessly with the script's tone and style. The recording session proceeded smoothly and expeditiously, resulting in high-quality audio recordings.


"This experimental project explores the creation of an entire song using solely a recorded vocal as the source of all sonic elements. The phrase "this is a sound" was recorded and subsequently transformed into a complete musical composition employing the tools Cecilia, Csound, and Ableton's sampler to craft the diverse instruments and sounds featured in the track.

The source audio was captured using a Bluebird microphone and a Scarlett 2i4 interface. The project utilized the following plugins: Cecilia, Csound, and Ableton's sampler. Ableton Live served as the sole digital audio workstation (DAW) for this project.

The development of this project spanned multiple days. The chords were constructed within Ableton's sampler by looping the "ou" sound waves extracted from the word "sound" and employing various sample manipulation techniques to further refine the sound."

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